Listen to Your Language - It Tells You What You Already Know You Want

A camping trip or a photo shoot? The choice is mine. I can spend the weekend partying with friends in the forest or hauling my ass & camera around Seattle to make more money. See the language I used there? - 'partying' vs ' hauling' - actually I didn't do that on purpose, I literally just caught myself writing that - and that is exactly my point. I could have just as easily written, "hauling my ass out into the wilderness" and "partying in the city with my camera". If you pay attention to it, your language (verbal & body) will reveal so much of what you actually feel. I want to go camping because it would be relaxing & fun after a busy week. I want to do the photo shoot because I could use extra money. I don't want to do the photo shoot because I'm tired of working and want to relax on the weekend. I don't want to go camping reason. Clearly, based on my language (negative vs positive adjectives), and the fact I have been procrastinating on scheduling the photo shoots, I can see my answer. I know what I want and now I only have to decide if I'm going to listen to that inner voice or ignore it. I choose to listen because ignoring usually leads to bad things like burn-out, unhappiness, resentment. End of story. This applies to everything - do you want to practice piano or watch a movie. Do you want do eat vegetables or pizza? Coffee or tea? Stop saying "I don't know what I want" because YOU DO. Decide and take action. // Cha -- PS: This entire blog post is basically a pep-talk to myself because I've been going back and forth all week and I'm sick of it. So voila, I just answered my own question through a little online ranting! lol

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