Long Time Sun - Song in Savasana at the End of Yoga

Most of the time when I sing at the end of my yoga classes, I'm singing in Sanskrit. This song (Long Time Sun) is one of the few songs that I sing in English. It's a very different experience to sing to my yoga students in English because I know they understand what I'm saying and I know that it will engage their minds in a different way. 

When I'm singing in Sanskrit I know they don't understand and so the words are almost more like pretty sounds instead of anything with meaning. They can appreciate the sound of the music without attaching any meaning or stories to it. This is my main reason for singing most songs in Sanskrit. 

However, many of my students have been asking me to record Savasana songs for them and sell them at the yoga studios on CDs. Super fun project idea. I promised them I would do it so I guess that means I better get busy writing new stuff. I'm going to start writing some songs for Savasana in English and then maybe play around with some Sanskrit (although I believe it might be kind of dangerous to write something in a language I don't speak haha). 

Anyway, Long Time Sun is a song commonly sung at the end of Kundalina yoga classes. 

Long Time Sun Lyrics:
May the long time sun shine upon you
All love surround you
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on.