Love a Thousand Times -- Songwriting

Never have I ever... dated a guy who is best friends with your brother AND your ex-husband. Chamonix must drink.

I jumped down that rabbit hole in May and let's just say it didn't go so smoothly when my ex found out. I wasn't trying to keep it a secret - I actually tried to tell him twice but the conversations were NOT the right timing. One night I published a video of Vinny and I playing music together and Miggy (my ex husband) sa it on Youtube and called me up because he could 'see the look in my eyes'. He'd figured it out and he wasn't comfortable with the situation. We had a challenging phone conversation and I felt misunderstood afterwards.

I felt like everyone else wants me to follow a set path in life, follow the typical conventional safe way. But I was to push myself out of my comfort zone, to dive into new experiences even if they're 'risky' because you might get hurt or make life messy. I think it's that messiness and crazy unexpected unpredictable twists (like falling in love with your brother's best friend and ex-husbands buddy when you meet up wearing underwear and rollin' balls at a Life in Color rave). Life happens people. Ride the wave and give yourself freedom and permission to stop following all these fake society rules and go fall in love a thousand times! xx - Chamonix

PS: Vinny and I started writing music for this song outside the courthouse in downtown Seattle (photo below of Vinny in those gorgeous trees!!)