Music First Because It Makes Me Happy

Striving to be famous is silly and exhausting. Over the past couple months I've gotten so psyched up about dreams of stage and spotlights that I totally lost touch with my passion for the actually work...da music. I'd been so stressed and strained for time - splitting my life between work and two romantic relationship. I was going insane and running on fumes. No time for music play, especially since a lot of the stress revolved around who I was going to be playing music with. The worst part is that when I get stressed, pretty music the only thing that really helps is writing music - get it all out of my system. So that music life stress without music...BAD BAD BAD.

Anyway, life is getting better now - boy drama is dying down (ugh the pain and struggle that comes with the excitment and falling-in-love-joy), I'm focusing on running my photography businesses and instead of striving for the excitement of being a famous musician, I'm putting my energy into practicing musical instruments everyday (learning guitar & keyboard) and working on my songwriting.

The goal right now is to focus on writing songs, improving musical skillz and creating a strong habit of sharing music - sharing online on my blog/Youtube channel and also sharing it out in the world - singing wherever I go, playing music live in the park etc... Create, play and share. Focus on that because this is really what I love and what I want in life....just music music music. If it leads to fame that's an entirely different and less important matter. I just want to swim in the music and share it with other people so the whole world gets brighter. 

I really remembered this yesterday when I was a Safeway with Davey and I was carrying my little boombox around the story playing "Try Everything" by Shakira (sooo goood!) and singing along and dancing in the produce area. When we were in the checkout line, Davey surprised me and blasted it again on the boombox and I started dancing with the checkout clerk and the people in the lines around us were looking over and smiling. In that moment, we made the world a better place simply by bringing music into everyday life. Sharing my love of music made those people's lives a little fame required....just passion and sharing. 
So, I'm back. Music first...just because it's fun and it makes me happy. :) x Chamonix