lightening strike in summer [music video]

I made a music video for my new song! It was Davey Browne's idea to use video game visuals after he heard me brainstorming how on earth I was going to haul my camera equipment up a mountain and film myself up there for my music video. It was my vision and Davey's solution was genius and I had sooooo much fun making one morning at Starbucks (instead of roughin' it National Geographic style lol). I saw people waiting for their coffee and peering over my shoulder, wondering what I was doing. Fun secrets. This project opened up a whole new world for me --- the beautiful art of video games. You can look forward to more of these video game music videos; can't stop me now. Enjoy!

SONG: "Lightening Strike in Summer" by Cha Wilde
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VIDEO GAME FOOTAGE: Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerrilla Games
VIDEO EDITED by: Cha Wilde