My Creativity Heals Myself & Others

- Brene Brown, Rising Strong

I hear the shower running and knives on the kitchen counter. My roommates are buzzing around the house and I'm hiding in my music room. I desperately want to write music tonight but I wish I were home alone so nobody could hear me. With so many roommates, being home along is an almost unheardof luxury so I just have to suck it up and sing. Everyday I find new tricks to face this fear of being heard, being vulnerable with my creativity exposed. This weekend, my trick is repeating this mantra: "My creativity heals myself and others." I suffer when I hold back and don't let myself sing freely because I feel trapped & powerless beneat the vice-like grip of fear, angry at myself for not being strong enough to escape. When I breakthrough and sing, I feel a rush of creativity flows through me. I feel happy and alive...I am healed. Although they might not share it openly, my roommates are humans with insecurities and fears of their own. I hope that when they hear me singing, they will feel inspired and filled with hope - If Chamonix can face her fear of singing, then I can face my fear of _______. Sometimes my fear is so powerful that I don't have the strength to fight it FOR MYSELF but believing that my fight will inspire and heal someone else, fills me with that strength I need. I want to see my friends succeed and be happy and if leaving my comfort zone and making a fool of myself is what's required to help them heal & believe in themselves, then FOR THEM I can and will do that which is most challenging for me. Love is the greatest source of power. // Cha

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