My First Argument with My Boyfriend is Over Trolls?

"You're wrong!" We've been dating for 1.5 years and my boyfriend and I just had our first heated argument...over whether or not Justin Timberlake is compromising the quality of his voice while harmonizing during the song "True Colors" in the movie Trolls. (cue eye rolling) 

He thinks Justin is 'coming down to Anna Kendrick's singing level" and if she had a more dynamic vocal range then his harmony would also be more dynamic to compliment. I see his point but I stood by the assumption that everything was intentional, not based on vocal ranges so much as a preferred style. Neither of us really know what we're talking about anyway but for some reason the blood was boiling. 

I never stick to my guns. I'm always quick to concede because I don't think arguing is ever worth the effort. I don't get stubborn or prideful with opinions but I surprised myself tonight. Maybe because this whole thing started because he said "I really want to see Trolls again." to which I replied, "I think it's my favorite movie ever, especially the song True Colors." and then it all went downhill and I'm angry that a little black rain cloud passed over my new favorite movie. No he's downstairs playing Final Fantasy and I'm in my music room writing this blog post. Who's going to say sorry first? GRRR.... 

// Cha

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