My Song Journal

I wanted a beautiful journal to write down my songs, draw my mandalas and gather inspiration. I saw so many pretty journals on Pinterest (like this) that get me pumped up about this project. My music journal is a medium sized black moleskin and I only write in it with wet inky pens :D

Last night I was at Vinny's house and we were practicing covers. I felt compelled to grab my music journal and share some of my songs with him. I hesitated for a moment, afraid that this would be conceited and he would rather play 'professional songs' than spend time working on my 'amateur songs'. I figured there was no harm in just suggesting we try one song - I know he said he likes my music (although sometimes it's hard to believe people fully when they say things like this). 

Turns out, he got so excited about it he suggested we stop learning covers entirely and just focus all of our energy into producing my songs. Vinny is incredible - he's an encourager, a motivator, a person that sees the best in you and wants to push you towards your full potential. He is the soil in which seeds can grow. I feel so blessed that he is so excited to help me and all of his friends.

In a short two week period of my life I went from making music on my own (super lonely and hard to motivate) to having a partner in crime and a house full of people collaborating on music projects. Oh what a difference a day makes...all because I went to Life In Color