My Song Selection for WA Solo Music Artist Awards

I finally decided on the songs I'll be singing this Sunday at Bridging the Music WA Solo Music Artist Awards. Hallelujah! I procrastinated choosing songs because I was struggling to imagine how I would feel on stage and what emotions or sound I wanted to share. I've never done this before so I wanted to set myself up for success - I don't want to overwhelm myself with a song that's super challenging but I also wanted to choose songs that are fun to sing so I'd have a good time. #dilemma because my repertoire is still just a baby. 

I'm going with my three 'top hits' ha! These songs are the ones that have made people cry or hum while they're cooking. These are the ones I catch myself singing, forgetting that I wrote them. With these ones, I stand the best chance of actually remembering the words when I'm performing. 

I've also been stressing about remember the guitar chords so I've visually 'connected the dots' of the chords on the guitar to make a shape that's associated with each song to help me remember the chord progressions. Fingers-crossed this memory trick will help my brain. 

The other day, Davey asked me which songs I was singing this Sunday and I told him:
"How Do You Do You" (Loopty-Loop, Like a Metal Pretzel Puzzle)
"Impossible Things"  (Triangle)
"Be the Exception" (Sideways V)

He said: "But those are covers."
A big smile spread across my face..."no they're not."
"Oh," he said with an even bigger smile, "that's right. They're just so good I forgot they weren't covers."

Yay! :D
Happy Friday!