My Tribe is Gathering and I Must Paradiso!!!

"I can't believe you even had to ask! I'm already in the car!" I Snapchatted my girl Danika to ask if she was going to Paradiso this weekend. Silly question. She and all my other rave friends are packing their bags in different cities around the Pacific Northwest, preparing for their journeys to the Gorge - a sacred gathering place for wild lovers of music & people. I begin my journey today in Bellevue with a run around my neighborhood in the sunshine, a kale & fried chicken breakfast, a few hours of photo editing work to wrap up the work week, and then we'll set off. I'll sit in the backseat of the car with my headphones in, forehead against the window, daydreaming about the adventures the weekend has in store for me. Who will I meet? What will I realize? What gift will I come home with? How will my life change? Whose life will I change? How amazing it's going to feel to swim in the music and feel so much love for everyone around me. We'll drive through the mountain pass, beneath snow-peaked mountains and sparkling alpine lakes. We'll emerge on the other side, enveloped in warm air, sun baking down on the dusty desert and my soul will release a sigh of relief . My heart will fill with bliss and I'll skip around in delight. My tribe is gathering and I must go. // Cha

2017-05-31 11.13.38 1.jpg
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