Nevermind Savasana Album Deadline

So earlier this week I was all gung-ho about producing my album for Savasana music in 2 weeks. Normally, I get high off of a rushed project like that but this time I just dried up and felt no inspiration at all. I've lost interest in producing Savasana music for the time being. I'm much more excited about my folky music I've been writing. As an artist I think it's crucial that you don't force things and that you just go with the flow. If you're not feelin' it - stop and do what is coming naturally. I also have a naughty tendency of taking on way more than I can handle. I just love saying yes to creative ideas. Gotta control myself. I'm back on my original project for the year. AND THE ONLY PROJECT I should be focused on. I'm writing 27 songs this year to celebrate my 27th year of life. So far I'm like 15 in or something. Stay focused Chamonix! haha