New Song in Progress - "Oh Sister"

So tonight I practiced my new song "Oh sister" out in the gargage. I though it might be the most private place in the house to sing and not bother my 3 roommates. Turns out they can hear me through the house because our walls are paper thin. After years of being shy and holding back and not singing loudly I've finally found a method for cranking up the volume! I just say 'fuck it' in my mind. I start singing and I hear my squeaky quiet voice and then a voice in my head says, "Hey, sing louder!" and I almost run and hide but then I remember that THE ONLY WAY OUT IS THROUGH. I have a dream that one day I'll sing in front of anyone with no shyness. If I'm ever going to see that day there is only one thing I can do....sing in front of everyone whether I feel confident or shy. It's the only way - I can't think myself out of it, or wait patiently as if the fears would just evaporate. Overcoming any fear requires action.

So anyway, I was just doing it in the garage. Turns out my roommates loved it. They thought it was nice having music float through house like a gentle melody waking up everyone from their afternoon naps. 

Why do we worry about things? So unnecessary. LOL