New Song in Progress - "Roots"

'Come jam with us' - my roommates were jammin' on guitar & piano downstairs. I had my guitar ready to go but as I listened to them playing I just froze up. The kind of music I naturally create totally doesn't match with the bluesy funk they were coming up with. I didn't know how to participate and I got all depressed in my silly mind. Rather than sitting there feeling like a failure I decided to be all artistic and channel my feelings into a song. 

I smoked a little weedie and locked myself in my room with my guitar and came up with this song called "Roots". It's about how I'm trying to adjust to the giant life changes I've been going through in the past year - divorce, new boyfriend, new houses, finally sharing my singing with the world and feeling scared and nervous to fail during jam sessions etc... So yep... an emotional tornado turned into music... Enjoy!