Order Something Lemony at the Bar to Reduce Decision Making Stress

"Something lemony!" I say to the bartender with a sparkle in my eye.
He hesitates and asks "Vodka...Gin...Tequila...?"
"You choose. Pull out your bartender wizard wand and surprise me!" (That sounded dirtier than I intended).
After a long day of decision making --- which Instagram filter? how to respond to this client? when should I schedule that meeting? which project should I focus on? salad or chocolate? tea or coffee? --- I'm over it.
No more decisions please. I'm tired and I just want a drink and a good conversation with my girlfriend.

Do you ever sit down at the bar and scan your eyes over the bottles up on the wall...imagining what they'll taste like, remembering past drinks you've liked, debating over how much to pay for a cocktail, worrying about how much sugar is going to be secretly dumped into the glass? Nikki and I are sitting at the bar in Matador -- a Mexican themed restaurant in Redmond, WA aka the only watering hole in this bedroom neighborhood where I'm actually willing to splash some pennies --and we're excited to see what drink the bartender invents for me. He slides it over and declares it a "Spicy Lemon" (say it with a French Accent) - it was vodka based lemon cocktail with cayenne pepper and mint leaves. Spiciness in a cocktail was new for me and it brought a smile to my face. This is the third time I've challenged the bartender to make me something lemony and every time it's a totally different drink. This little game has totally eliminated the stress of ordering. I don't have to search through a menu, wrack my brain, or feel responsible for making the right/wrong beverage choice. #noregrets This little trick is adding happiness to my life because it turns drinking into a game like 'White Elephant' -- the secret Santa Christmas game where everyone buys a random present and then people draw a number out of a bag to pick a present and then people can trade and battle for the gift they want.... WAY MORE FUN than traditional gift giving because it's lighthearted, removes responsibility, and sprinkles the room with surprise! I'm getting introduced to new drinks I would have never thought to order, it sparks fun conversations with bartenders and friends, and it gives me a little "adventure bite" (i.e. a mini experiment or new experience that makes life more interesting). This season it's lemon inspired drinks and next season who knows? Maybe I throw the bartenders a curve ball and ask for drinks that have pomegranate or fresh cracked pepper?!

Which surprise drinks are you ordering for yourself? Let me know so I can try it! // Cha

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