Overcoming Fear of Rockin' Out at Stoplights

When you pull up at a stoplight and the person in the car next to you is rockin' out hard!
Isn't that the coolest? For 25 years of my life, I wished that I had the guts to dance like nobody was watching. Then last year, I was sick of living in fear and I started pushing myself to overcome my fear of singing and dancing in public. My dream was the sing/dance freely on stage as a perform, so how could I ever do that if I couldn't even find the courage (or just the fun-bug) to do it at a stoplight. I mean, seriously - it's just a fuckin' stoplight. What's the big deal?

Baby steps. I started by NOT turning down my music at stoplights. I always drive with music on full blast and I used to always turn it down at stoplights to be respectful to others. When I changed this it was very awkward at first - I felt like I was really rocking the boat and other people would be grumbling about me in their cars. It didn't take long before I realized that the world wasn't ending - nobody was saying anything or even reacting. My loud music turned into little dance moves and a little bit louder singing. 

These days I pull up to a stoplight and keep on blasting and hang-banging, it doesn't even cross my mind to change my behavior. In fact, I find it strange when I look around and realize I'm the only one having a party. Now, it's so normal to me to dance and sing without holding back (whether I'm driving or walking down the street) that I expect everybody else to do it too. It surprises me when they aren't doing it and I just want to look around and say "hey guys, dance with me! you can do it too - you'll like it!".