Yoga Classes are Bootcamp for Performing Musicians

I sit in the corner and jam out a songstress enchanting yoga students into chill magical vibes. Yoga classes are like performance bootcamp for a musician. Not only are they a low-pressure intro to performing (everyone is so chill and grateful that you're there, the yoga students are a very forgiving crowd to play for), but they require a lot of juggling. Not only do you have to face the fear of stage fright, you have to remember your own songs, silently coordinate with the yoga teacher (taking turns talking and singing), pay attention to the students energy and which songs would fit the speed of their movements and listening to the messages being taught by the teacher so the songs I'm singing align. The room is also deep silent so when you sing, you have to have the confidence to cut through the silence and they can hear every detail of your voice and guitar. One wrong note and it's super clear to everyone; but like I said, they're forgiving. Classes are also 1-2 hours long so I have to build endurance with performing and often I get sweaty and my arms stick to the guitar and my legs get sore on the ground. The whole thing is a lot to juggle. After this bootcamp, performing on stage out in town feels easy peasy. mean I get to stand up, sing all my songs without distractions or having to pay attention to people doing yoga and it only lasts 30 minutes. Well hell yah. haha

The most awesome part about performing for yoga classes is that I get to go to cool places. I've performed at a retreat on Orcas Island, at a rooftop studio in Burien that had views over the Pudget Sound, at an A-frame cabin at Snoqualmie Pass in the Cascade Mountains, in cute little studios in the countryside with dope acoustics. Yoga happens in cool places and I get to go on adventures! So fun.

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