Photoshoping Music - Why People are Afraid to Sing

in a world of fake, i choose to be real dope... for me, music & singing feels like social media or body image...trying to appear perfect, not wanting someone to know you have flaws or mistakes and so you fake perfection and hide everything you fear would be judged as less than perfect. whats wrong with singing the wrong note, with failing to project, with singing a little too loudly into the mic? sure this means we're going to sound "unprofessional" at times but if it's done intentionally to make a point about authenticity, suddenly the vulnerable nature of the "unprofessional" work has greater impact. it becomes a creative revolution in which mistakes are allowed to exist in music, in fact they are embraced as part of the intended composition; the voice and musical instruments produce so many sounds, many of which are deemed ugly, incorrect or embarrassing. of course are objectively these sounds are neither good nor bad. it's interesting to see what kinds of sounds the body can make and i'm sure we can appreciate something beautiful in all of them. the noise of a human voice that's projected from a body that is feeling nervousness will sound different than a noise produced in a moment of pleasure. the emotional body affects the physical body which is the instrument and therefore affects the noises playing out. if you know the rules you can break them and sometimes it's important to remember that at a macro/micro level there are no rules at all and that whatever is, simple is. the whole world is throwing a hissy fit about photoshopping people's bodies and yet nobody seems to be talking about the 'photoshoping' of people's voices. photoshop is not bad but it can be abused and the affects can be detrimental to people's self esteem. being afraid to sing is a major self esteem issue. humans are born to make noise, to sing and hum and whistle. it comes so naturally to us and thus if we are walking the earth as silent beings, i'm going to assume that something is inhibiting us. to live with inhibition is a tragic lifestyle. regret #1 from the dying: "i wish i'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me." life suffocates when existing inside a cage and the spirit, without air, withers.  // cha

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