Playing Music for the Seagulls at Alki Beach in West Seattle

Two little seagulls bobbing their head on the boardwalk. They were our first live audience... watching Chamonix & Vinny play together at Alki Beach. We also had a man stop to ask for our picture as we played...clearly we are naturals at captivating people's attention. It all starts with a seagull and an Indian man with a stop...packed house at Madison Square Garden. ;)

We're putting together a set list for the covers we're going to start performing around town.
We're starting with:
1) If I Die Young by The Band Perry
2) Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men
3) Like I'm Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor

2016-05-25 10.31.29 1.jpg

We also made progress on a new song I'm writing about our daydream to road-trip across America on a music tour. We walked around West Seattle neighborhoods smelling flowers and photographing trees while we hummed over and over trying to figure out the melody of this new song. The lyrics I have so far...

"There's a live I wanna live, where my hair is danglin' free
and my arms are open wide in the warm desert breeze,
and we're driving down a road, down one I've never seen,
on our way to a place we've never been...."

Then we drove home to Bellevue and ate a Santa Fe Stirfry at Denny's. I haven't eaten at Denny's in literally 20 years. This is the stuff of magic. So much better than Netflix and chill. hehe

After writing this blog post, I'm packing my bags for Sasquatch (music festival) and we're leaving in 1hr. I'll be out in a field of music for 5 days..soaking in the inspiration and magic. 


2016-05-25 10.31.29 1.jpg