Positive Affirmations on Rainbow Post-It Notes

I'm sick of the nasty voices in my head, telling me I'm not good enough, not trying hard enough, not desired or appreciated by others, too intense for others etc... They aren't always that direct though - they can be sneaky. Little thoughts like, "Don't sing too loudly this morning because you might wake people up." i.e. your voice isn't something they want to hear in the morning. BUT that's not true. Roommates have told me they love waking up to my music. In fact, one roommate moved in and specifically requested, "Can you please wake me up with your piano playing every morning?" AND YET the nasty jerk in my head tells me to be quiet. Sometimes my negative self-talk is so loud and distracting, I can't remember or generate anything positive. WELL thank god for Post-It Notes because this morning I've started writing down positive words (about my music) given to me by other people. This rainbow of positivity is now sticking to wall above my piano so I will be constantly re-filled with positivity from the outside, shoving out the negativity until one glorious day my own inner positivity will run the show! (If you need some Post-Its, hit up Costco. I got 15yrs worth of stickies for $15). // Cha

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