Possibilies are Stretching the Fibers of My Brain

Money is a magnet! It keeps pulling my attention away from what I want to focus on. This morning I attended a BNI (Business Networking International) meeting in Seattle. I instantly made fantastic connections with people who needed promotional videos (like the type I sometimes make for artists & creative brands). It was so exciting seeing people approach me and straight up ask for my help with enthusiasm. I drove home on cloud 9 (the air is thin up there) - half ecstatic about the opportunities ahead of me and half nervous that I'll get sucked into another whirlpool of juggling too many things that spread me thin. I was simultaneously planning out a new business model that focused exclusively on promotional videos for creative brands AND trying to figure out how I can cohesively incorporate this film work into the same brand/website as my music & blogging. One day I hope to be free from this scattered juggling that strains the fibers of my brain. Minimalism and focus so I can LOVE people (including myself) - that's my intention for 2017. How do I welcome these project opportunities and maintain focused minimalism? Ahh the artistic entrepreneurial challenges the universe is throwing my way! Faith that everything works itself out, gratitude for all my possibilities, a cheeky smile because I know I'm a powerhouse trickster who can always have fun with it, and deep breathing...deep deep breathing. // Chamonix

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