Practice Your Music In Public to Build Confidence

'Are you guys serious? ... Because you should be."
Twice yesterday when we were playing music in the park people stopped to listen and watch us. When we were playing in the back of the parking lot on our car a man came all the way back to see what was going on. He was blown away that we had just written the song we were singing. Later, we were out on the grass and a man on his bicycle rode up the hill to listen to us play and then told us to be serious and go for it. It made me really happy to be able to tell him that we are going to go for it. 

Vinny told me the other day that one reason he knows I'm a rockstar is because when I realize someone is watching me, I light up with excitement. My confidence skyrockets and I sing louder and I have more fun with it. Practicing in public has been the single greatest confidence booster so far for my shy inner musician. It's an opportunity to test the waters - I can sing quietly or I can project and share. I can see if people like what I'm doing. I can see which lyrics I'm hoping people will hear and which ones I feel shy about singing loudly. It's also making me realize that doing this big scary thing (singing in public) is no big deal because people either love it and you're brightening their day OR they don't like it or don't care and they just keep walking. So really the consequences are A) neutral/nothing or B) make the world a better place. Where's the dilemma now? lol

2016-07-04 10.09.25 1.jpg

 PHOTO #1: Davey (with guitar) to my left, Vinny (with guitar) to my right, a clumsy tambourine in my hand and a memo on my phone memo with lyrics I'd just written. We were sitting at the Kirkland waterfront by that statue of the kids holding hands and running towards the water (my favorite statue since I was a kid - when you're staring at the kids' faces, the boy second to the far right is the happiest person on earth haha). 

PHOTO #2: Playing in the parking lot by the car (and the portapotties). lol