Press Play (Song in Progress)

You know that feeling when life suddenly feels like you're in a movie. For me, it usually happens when I'm listening to music, walking down a city street, people watching and reflecting on how short and bitter sweet human life is.

I've started having so much fun living in my own movie - truly enjoying my own life and constantly playing music so it feels like my own soundtrack - that I have zero desire to watch actual movies or TV. I haven't wanted to watch Netflix in almost a full year and when someone asks me to watch a movie I feel this "nooo!" feeling in my gut. It's like a sadness...I don't want to watch a movie because it feels like I have to put my own life on pause for a couple hours and I don't want to do that.  

This week I was in the shower thinking about this...isn't it interesting how so many people wish their own lives were more like the movies. But all a movie is, is following someone's life. If you can see your own life through this lens...imagine you're in a movie, look for the comedic moments, get sucked into the romances, laugh at the things that go wrong.

So many of us experience a taste of vibrant life and exclaim "hey, this feels just like a movie!"
but what if we were always living this way? Then maybe we'd go to the cinema and the screen would start playing and we would exclaim, "hey, this feels just like life!". 

I hopped out of the shower, grabbed my boyfriends guitar and my notebook, jumped onto the bed wrapped in my towel and wrote this song...