Remove the Little Pebbles in Your Shoe

My body feels heavy. It's going to take every ounce of determination to get out of bed and practice piano before work, before sunrise, before I feel like it. Can you bring the piano to my bed please so I don't have to leave the coziness? OR...perhaps I could bring my bed to the piano?! 

I bought a warm fuzzy robe yesterday and this morning was my first time waking up and rolling out of bed to play piano without freezing or having to get fully dressed. Normally, there are 3 tasks each morning that require willpower / discipline:

1. Wake up early, in the dark.

2. Get out of a comfy bed, into the cold.

3. Practice piano.

It takes all my willpower to get up that there isnt much left for piano practice. By wearing a cozy robe, making hot tea and lighting pumpkin spice candles, getting up early in the winter actually becomes a delightful experience that doesn't require as much motivation and therefore all my energy is still available for piano. 

Life Lesson: When facing big challenges, like climbing a mountain or playing multiple hours of piano each day, remove the little pebbles in your shoe that make the journey more arduous. Climbing and music should be fun, and shoe pebbles are fun-vampires. Always be on the lookout for little changes that make the overall experience more enjoyable and it will become easier to accomplish your goals. 😊


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