Rewiring Your Brain to Overcome Fear of Singing in Public

Afraid of performing or singing wholeheartedly in public? Yah, me too (at least I I'm breaking free). I'm constantly on the self-improvement track to gain confidence and here's my latest progress. It's a BIG ONE.

"Where focus goes, energy flows." -- Tony Robbins

Zooming through brain books this month and I've putting all the self-control, habit correcting and courage building techniques into action immediately and I'm amazed at the results. It's only been two weeks and I've been plowing through to-do lists, reaching out to potential clients I've been shying away from for months, singing LIVE on social media, asking fellow yoga teachers if I can come sing in their classes, actually feeling excited to perform, seeing progress with my music recording, watching my behavior change towards others and myself (just way more loving, patience etc....)

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Get that gut feeling you should or shouldn't do something?
As soon as you feel that inner urge/guidance, start counting down backwards from 5. When you hit 0...take action. That's it. Like a rocket launching, watch yourself zoom forward towards your best self. THE FIVE SECOND RULE

Hear a negative thought?
Catch it. Erase it. Replace it. We're rewiring the brain. Derailing that habitual train of thought and laying down new tracks. Once you have a habit (a train track), it's there for life, so try and avoid building them in the first place and if you do, get off it as soon as possible and build a new track beside it and do your best to never slip back onto the other track. THE POWER OF HABIT

Who You Are Isn't Who You Need to Be
Think differently to change your physical body which will in turn influence your thinking and all of the above will change your reality. BREAKING THE HABIT OF BEING YOU

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To attain my goal of singing at the Gorge, I have to become a person who sings at the Gorge. That is a different person than who I was yesterday. Yesterday, I was a woman who wanted to sing at the Gorge but was afraid and was hoping she would find a way to do it. Today I am a woman who sings at the Gorge and I behave in that way from now on. Who is she? What does she look like? What does she feel like? My first thoughts...she's performing all the time, writing new music and collaborating with musicians and recording and doing all these things that I was doing but not at the level she was. She's doing them ALLLLL the time. Not just a couple times a week. If I want to be her, I simply need to be her. This is the same principle I followed when losing weight. I wanted to lose weight which meant I wanted to be a fit person. A fit person eats lean and clean. If I want to lose weight then I have to become a fit person and that means I have to become a person who chooses broccoli over beer. It's that simple. I don't get to be a fit person and a beer guzzling person. Choose and then BE. // Cha

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