Sasquatch Music Festival 2016 - Binary Suns

Just got home from Sasquatch - 6 days of roadtrippin, music, camping, running in the country side, freezing at nighttime concerts, emotional ups and downs, mystery bruises all over my body from forgotten drunken nights rollin' through the general campground, sunburns and three margarita slushies eaten from inside an empty watermelon shell... I had the most incredible edibles on Fri & Sun morning that sent me down these crazy genius thought trails. I basically wrote an entire essay in my phone memos document so I wouldn't forget anything.

My favorite idea was an analogy... understanding people's energy, behavior and interactions in terms of the solar system. Some people are suns and some people are planets. Some planets appreciate the sun and some don't . Some suns are close to other suns and those are binary suns - shining on each other with light and inspiration. Some suns are alone and being a sun can be lonely. As a small sun growing up you long to have someone else shine light on you but you have to realize that as a sun, you have to fuel yourself; you have to delight in your own light each morning. It's a painful process to grow and learn this but eventually you'll be a big sun who is producing and consuming it's own energy as well as sharing it out onto the planets. Hopefully, as a sun you'll find another sun and you'll shine on each other and your energies can combine and multiply in greatness. 

My favorite bands:
Oh Wonder
Alina Baraz
A$AP Rocky
Ryan Caraveo
Major Lazor
Florence and the Machine

I loved swaying to the music and reflecting on how all of these musicians are just normal people who practiced their instruments everyday over and over and they sat down and wrote some songs that were meaningful to them for some reason. They practiced and practiced and stayed up late and woke up early and eventually worked their way up to the Sasquatch stage. Some of the artists, Oh Wonder & Ryan Caraveo in particular were very inspirational - sharing a little insight into their own story and musical journey. I felt that big boost of inspiration, dreams and motivation watching them on the stage. I came home with gusto - ready to practice and play and start taking exciting baby steps.