Setting Goals that Sounds Super Dope

If I own a sailboat, then I'm going to be super stressed because I'll be responsible for a boat and probably a lot of other things. Well, that's one depressing way to think about it. 

Yellow notepad in my lap, Spence Hood sitting across from me looking suave, daydreams freaking out in my imagination, chewing ice cubes, and Lake Washington sunshine. Here we are writing our 10, 5 and 1 year goals? Gulp.

I spent an hour thinking about everything that could go wrong.
How much work is that goal really going to take?
I don't want to doom myself to a workaholic lifestyle just to win a gold statue.
How much stress and responsibility is that goal going to put on my shoulders?
I don't want to buy a sailboat only to feel fucking stressed about it sinking or breaking.
What if I set goals and then feel like I HAVE to achieve them?
I want to surprise myself in this life; changing and going with the flow, not trapped or held accountable to something I said years ago with everyone watching. #freespirit

2018-08-07 10.47.16 1.jpg

These worries made goal setting almost impossible. I'd think of something cool in theory and then immediately rule it out as undesirable in reality. I used to be ashamed to set lofty goals, afraid of being judged as foolish or overly ambitious. Saying "I want to be a rockstar," was terrifying so I didn't say it. That sucked -- never hide.

So fuck it.
Push fear and worry aside. I'll figure out logistics later (like how I'm going to find free employees who will take care of my sailboat for me). For now, I'm only asking: What sounds really fun? 


  • Perform at The Gorge Amphitheater 
  • World Tour on a Sailboat
  • Open a Super Dope Recording Studio -- like in a tree house or on a boat!
  • Have an "All-Access Pass" -- Be Able to Call Up Anyone I Want to Work With and Go Anywhere I Want, Whenever I Want, Resources at My Fingertips to Do Fun Projects!
  • Financially Supporting My Family with Music


  • Wilde Concerts -- privately organized shows in the wilderness!
  • Wilde Swings -- my non-profit/guerrilla marketing plan, we install wooden swings in unexpected places, engraved with lyrics, poetry & inspiration quotes
  • Wilde Retreats -- artist retreats (incorporating music, yoga, collaboration) in beautiful places to build community, confidence and create cool things!
  • Road Trip Festival Tour Around the US 
  • Working with a Team
  • Financially Supporting Myself with Music

    1 YEAR
  • Album Released on Music Platforms
  • Releasing Monthly Collaboration with The Pineapple Nasties -- My Collaborator's Club 
  • Secret Concerts -- invitation/word of mouth monthly gatherings, probably on the full moon, probably women-only (at least sometimes)
  • Festival Performance
  • Producers I like to Work With
  • Earning Money Through Patreon
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