Sit with Me - Making Music Videos in the Snow

So my cat jumps on my boyfriend's face at 4:30am and we're up! Boyfriend goes to work. I army crawl into my music room and spend 5 hours composing, recording, filming, and editing a song....fueled entirely by rooibos tea with coconut milk. Now what shall I make for breakfast? 


Guitar / Capo 4
Chords: E, C, G, D

And so, we meet again
My old friend
It's been so long

And so, what we've become
Always on the run
For something more

So sit with me
Sit with me by candlelight
Let all dreams melt away
So sit with me
Sit with me in almost light
And we'll welcome in the day

THE STORY: So for months I've been focusing on just practicing piano and my enthusiasm for music as gone downhill. I missed songwriting & singing and I felt all shitty & disconnected from the magicalness of music. So I talked to a girlfriend who reminded me that I'm have a mental disorder that prevents me from following routine (not really, but I'd believe it). She told me to still spend 2 hours a day on music but why not open the possibilities to doing anything musical...instead of just piano. Maybe that would respark my curiosity. So this morning, I decided to do a whole music project from start to finish. I laid on my belly with my journal and guitar, lite a candle in my favorite lantern to set the mood and started humming. A song poured out and I turned it into a little movie. Voila - the magic is back! This song can be interpreted quite literally. I meet my old friend (music) and realize we've gotten so obsessed with running after goals that we've lost the simple joy of playing, and so we're going to sit in the music room with a candle burning and forget about all the challenging goals & scary dreams and just enjoy making music as the sun rises. :) ▶Cha

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