Song for Davey - My First Time Writing a Song on Request

"Would you do me a favor?"
{I nod}
"While I'm away could you re-string the guitar and write me a song and then record it and send it to me?"

Davey was headed to the east coast for a wedding over New Years. I had 1 week to produce a song for him...days went by and my mind was blank, nervous, almost panicking.

Then around lunchtime on New Years Eve, I sat on the edge of the bathtub in my parents bathroom and busted it out. I made recording after recording, trying to get something half-way decent to send across the country to this guy I was totally crazy in love with and I was so scared of making a fool of myself...what if he thinks my guitar playing is too basic and sucky? What if he thinks my lyrics are sappy and stupid? What if he just doesn't like it? 

Two hours and thirty draft recordings later, I had an audio file to text to Davey. I closed my eyes and pressed "Send". This is what he got....

What a glorious mess! haha Here's a little insight into my terrible memory for my own music. I mean seriously, how is a girl supposed to keep track of all the lyrics and chords she comes up with?

I love this song so much because of the backstory and all the stress and emotion that went into it. I wrote it because my boyfriend asked me to write a song for him while he was away on a trip. My creative juices decided to write a song about my journey overcoming my fear of singing in public. Enjoysies...

xoxo Chamonix