Step Away from the Crowd & Watch the People

I turn around. The crowd is beautiful....almost more beautiful than what I see on the stage. I climb a sand dune. The party down on the beach is beautiful....almost more beautiful than the view of the mountain. I press my face up to the chainlink fence. The sunset over the gorge is beautiful....almost more beautiful than the party down in the pit. My entire life, I've always run away from the party, stepped aside to be alone and watch people. As a kid, teachers used to tell my mom I was antisocial or lonely but my wise mother knew I was perfectly happy. I was observing, watching people. Like everything in life, there is a duality. I can be IN the crowd, with the people OR I can step back and watch the crowd and appreciate the people. There is magic both within and without. It does take a little guts to step out of the crowd but the view is extraordinary AND THEN when you return to the people to party your face off, you have a deeper understanding of what you're participating in and just how beautiful it is. // Cha

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