Take Advice From the People Who are Living the Life You Want to Live

"Take Advice From the People Who are Living the Life You Want to Live" 
Possibly the best advice I ever received. Their advice is what got them to where they are today.

I've been taking all my life advice from entrepreneurs and life coaches who focus in and specialize on one thing. Their advice is to hunker down and have one focus. I've been trying it and it's been KILLING me. I have so many passions, curiosity, skills and dreams. Focusing on just one feels like choosing between my children. 

This morning, I opened my eyes with an answer! Thomas Jefferson (one of my heroes) and many such men have a never-ending list of accomplishments on Wikipedia. One man gets to go down in history as politician, surveyor, mathematician, horticulturist, mechanic, architect, philosopher, linguist, and writer. He was full of interests (just like me!) and he found a way to incorporate them all into his life (so can I!) and I intend to find out how. How did the great multi-passionate multi-disciplinarian people throughout history fit it all into each day and stay sane, energized and inspired?

Let's begin by reading a Thomas Jefferson biography. Off to Audible audiobooks!
// Chamonix

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