The Battle of the Hawk & the Magpie: Focusing on Goals

Opportunities or distractions? I told myself I would focus this year. I would narrow my attention to only focus on practicing piano and growing my family portrait business. We're five days into the new year and I already feel bombarded with new possibilities. The climbing gym I want to start going to but can't afford is looking for a yoga teacher and part of the compensation is free membership. Women are contacting me online thanking me for my YouTube videos and the photography knowledge that I share and asking for workshops, internships and coaching. I also have ideas for books, retreats, and music projects. I feel so excited about all the cool things I could do and so cautious to dive into anything because I want to succeed and not get spread thin and accomplish nothing. It's so painful to say no to awesome opportunities, especially when they seem so ripe for the picking. I don't want to get distracted and fail to accomplish my goals but I also don't want to turn a blind eye to opportunities and miss out. This feels like the battle of the hawk and the magpie. One pie locks its focus from afar and dive bombs to take it's prey. The other flits around collecting pretty shiny objects, none of which it can eat. Which bird am I? Which do I want to be? Can I be both? Maybe there's a third bird I don't know about. // Chamonix

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