The Impossible Challenge to Create a Savasana Music Album in 2 Weeks

So I sing to my students at the end of every yoga class and for the past few months they've been asking me again and again...when are you going to record an album? I told someone I would have it ready for them by June...of this in less than 1 month. Like in 2 weeks. What the fuck was I thinking? Crazy challenge to produce an album in 2 weeks. Possible but kinda cray-cray.

I'm always one for a challenge though so bring it! It's on! 
This album is going to be specifically for Savasana - the resting pose at the end of a yoga class. It will be an album of songs in Sanskrit and English that are beautiful and peaceful and oh so zen. 
That's the vision anyway. If it's good, we can sell it in the yoga studios. 

Here's the game plan... I'm going to create the list of songs I want to have on the album, then I'll practice and record casually, then I'll get my brother (with his awesome recording equipment) to make something more professional for me. Boom. Done. No big deal, right? ha! Making music is easy kids..try it at home ;P

:) Chamonix

Running in the woods.  We got this.

Running in the woods.  We got this.