This is What True Celebration Looks Like

Sweat is rolling down my back. I've been jumping up and down for hours and I'm not gonna feel how sore my feet are until I get home. I look down at the little blonde cutie bouncing beside me. We laugh and throw our arms up higher towards the white laser lights dashing through the air. I feel my best friend hug me from behind, kiss my neck and then he lifts me into the air and I scream with joy as my favorite song hits my ears. My body is vibrating with the bass blasting from the giant speakers. Everything feels tingly. A fresh gust of wind washes over my skin. I lock eyes with a stranger and we smile at each other with total love and understanding...we've worked hard all week at now we get to play and everything we're worried about melts away because all that really matters is right here. I mean what else are we here for other than for THIS: to move our bodies, participate in creative energy and love each other. All the shit in the world that we deal with (fears, fighting, insecurities, wars, politics...all of it) is all the mess that we pass through on our journey towards THIS. A cloud of weed smoke passes by my nose and chill memories of so many past concerts flicker across my mind and make my heart happy. Up on the stage is a giant screen with images of galaxies, Earth from space, and supernovas zooming at me. Holy shit Earth is SO SMALL. Mind blowing and magical. We are microscopic and yet, we are so full of powerful pulsing energy, making as much noise and ruckus as we can....arms around friends & new friends (no such thing as a stranger here), shaking with vitality and singing with pure joy. This is as loud, proud and present as we can possibly be. We are humans. We are alive. We create, we love, we imagine, we appreciate, we celebrate.... like only we can. We are just little atoms of the universe and yet this means that the universe (at least part of it) is made of us. We are the stars. The universe is throwing an ever expanding party and me and my tribe are showing up BIG. Look at those Earthlings - they know how to party! This is what true celebration looks like (fuck Christmas). Let's do it every weekend. See you on the dance floor. // Cha

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