Trying to Keep a Guitar Beat with My Boyfriend

I just can't do it!
I don't know what's wrong with me.
Why am I even trying?

My boyfriend was teaching me guitar. He asked me to keep a rhythm as I was strumming. I sucked balls. He suggested that I clap to keep a rhythm while he played. He recommended that I tapped my foot while I played. Nothing working. I'm severely rhythmically challenged. 

I started getting discouraged. How could I ever become a professional singer if I can't even hold a steady beat. Music is 100% rhythm so I'm screwed. I was really beating myself up about this. I was embarrassed and disappointed and all together discouraged. 

Then suddenly it dawned on me. Why is becoming a professional musician any different than becoming a doctor or a lawyer? You may have natural abilities and potential but you still have to go through training and extensive practice before you're allowed to be a professional. You have to suck for awhile....a lot...until you finally learn and master your skills. 

I guess I always just assumed (silly) that musicians always knew how to make music. Maybe it's because most musicians seem to start playing when they're little munchkins in elementary school. Apparently, it's ok if kids suck because they're just learning. But us adults, no no. We're supposed to have our shit all together. No sucking through the learning stages for us. If you didn't learn it as a kid, just give up.