Turn Your Wishes into Action Plans

My ears are ringing. I sip my Earl Grey tea and pout a little. I'm waiting for a beautiful at-home concert but my brother is monopolizing with guitar solos (sorry dude, you're totally guilty and you know it lol) and his friends are cranking up the volume on their own instruments. The house is shaking with battling musicians. 

I stare down at my cute thigh high white socks and wiggle my toes. I imagine how satisfyingly delightful it would be to stand up as a self-appointed conductor and lead this make-shift band out of confusion-land and into music-from-heaven-land. If only I had the music skills to know how to piece everything together and save the day. I wish...

Whenever I catch the words, "I wish..." leaving my mouth, I firmly remind myself that "a wish is a deep desire that can be brought to life through action and if ignored may fester into regret." I treat "I wish ___" as a breadcrumb on my life-long scavenger hunt down the yellow-brick road of happiness. It's a little flag that waves me in the direction I truly want to go, saying "Hey! Focus on this, go this way!" 

I replace the word "wish" with the word "will" and follow it up with "by" and it looks like this....
THE WISH: "I wish I knew how to lead a band to create beautiful music."
THE ACTION PLAN: "I will know how to lead a band to create beautiful music by studying music theory, working with a band, and learning from conductors." ... (or something like that)

After writing out this little action plan, my wish feel more real. It's no longer just an imaginary daydream, it's now a course of action, a to-do list, potential SMART goal (if it's not a SMART goal, it's not a goal - it's just a dream). So this morning, I shall sip more Earl Grey tea and ponder this wish and whether or not it's worthy of becoming a SMART goal.

// Cha

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