Understand - New Song in Progress

I'm always the middle man. My mom and I spent all day together yesterday (lunch at Molbaks & wine tasting at DeLille Cellars). We talk about my photography business and how everything in life can be compared to a herd of horses, and inevitably we talked about her relationship with my brother. 

My mom and my brother rub each other like sand paper. Both of them have good intentions but they aren't able to communicate effectively and their interactions always end upside down on the floor like a broken egg. :( 

I'm Miss Congeniality, seeing both sides, understanding everyone's perspective. I mediate and offer insight to everybody but I always have to step back and bow out of the boxing ring. As much as I'd like to help bring them back into harmony, it's their relationship, not mine. The best I can do is listen and let them know they are seen (at least by me).

For the past 12 hours, I've felt their burden on my shoulders - I love them both and I don't like seeing their tension and pain. And of course, in this kind of situation, there's only one solution...write a song about it.

So I ate my eggs & Parmesan cheese for breakfast, closed my open Internet tabs, grabbed my out-of-tune guitar, locked myself in my office, plopped my tushy down on my pretty green silk meditation cushion, and I took an hour to write this song for them... a his and her's duet calling back and forth to one another.

:) Chamonix