Videos from My Performance at Columbia City Theater

Thank you to Vinny who was up at the edge of the stage recording these video clips of my first solo performance on stage. Columbia City Theater was a cool place for my first performance - very atmospheric with the red curtains, black space (couldn't see any faces lol) and awesome brick walls.

I opened up the show so I was playing to a grand audience of 10 people or something LOL Thank you to Vinny, Davey and Joel who came out to support me. I did have some butterflies in my tummy that were flappin' their wings so crazy they made my knees shake a little. I'm so excited to see these videos though - I've never really seen myself in this situation before and it's surreal and exciting at the same time. I'm so used to seeing myself with a camera in my hand in behind-the-scenes photos at photo shoots. I'm used to seeing myself up in front of a yoga class teaching. I'm totally not used to seeing myself as the performing talent on stage with a guitar. It's foreign and yet I am insanely in love with everything about it. It's totally new and exactly what I want for the next chapter of my life.

"What do you want to experience next in life?" - The Sacred Six by JB Glossinger