Vinny & Chamonix - Back at It Again Playing in the Water

The boiling August sun burning my skin, refreshing water splashing up my legs, slippery rocks beneath my feet, and sweet guitar floating with my voice in the air. It's all we want to do... share music with people. Beautiful. Then we went on got gelato (I couldn't decide on a flavor so I chose the most colorful options - Strawberry & Thai Coconut with Rainbow Sprinkles). 

For weeks Vinny and I didn't touch each other. We stopped hanging out, stopped kissing, stopped making music. We 'needed space' because we didn't know how to function with our crazy relationship status (since I'm also with Davey and this makes everything complicado of course). We met for coffee and bubbletea a couple times and it was draining to not touch each other. Dangling carrots. Finally, we decided to stop denying ourselves. Complication was much better than deprivation. We enjoy each other's company and we want to play music together and inspire each other. The desire for inspiration, a magical music buddy and someone who speaks our exact same language outweighs the desire for simplicity. 

So we're back at it -- today we waded out into the water at the Kirkland Waterfront and practiced the songs I'm singing this weekend at Bridging the Music. We were in our own happy little world but I sensed all the people sitting on the harbor steps watching us, smiling, grabbing Snapchats, little girls smiling at me, older women swaying their hips a little, ducks bobbing their heads under the water. It felt amazing.

Tasty Summer Music JOY! Yay!