Weekend Adventures - Hot Guys, Sunshine & Motorcycles

The sun has arrived and my spirit is free and joyful.
Here's all the cool shit I did this weekend:

-shopping for cute summer mini skirts
-new restaurant with cute boy
-midnight vodka & guitar playing at the beach
-sunbathing on the deck all morning telling life stories
-street fighter all afternoon (totally busting boys balls)
-sunbathing out on the dock at the lake at sunset
-late night drinking chocolate (hazelnut flavored) at Chocolati in Wallingford
-making new friends at The Shelter bar in Ballard (cool glass windows, circular bar & indoor fires)
-2am chillin with new friends back at the house with hot tea & guitar singalong (Feels by Kiiara is my current song of choice)
-solo convertible joyride down I90 as the sun was rising over the mountains
-squeezed in 15min of music production as the birds were chirping (feel asleep at computer)
-slept in with hot boyfriend and cuddled as the sunshine poured in the windows ahhh.....
-sunbathing at beach with boyfriend, headphones blasting happiness
-swam out to my brother's boat in the middle of the lake (nearly drowned - so cold, so far!)
-chilled in sun sandwiched between my bestie & my boyfriend, tan town :)
-chilled with new cute boy and made lists of our top 25 things we want do in life
-slept in our new hella comfortable king bed and bamboo sheets --- sooo nice. woke up to sunshine again!
-danced around the house for hours, insanely excited for Sasquatch!
-drove my convertible in the sun,  insanely excited for Sasquatch!
-sushi lunch & chillin in the park with boyfriend, listening to fave tunes & birds singing
-played music all afternoon (learning Feels by kiiara now & recording the Gayatri Mantra)
-got picked up by a hot boy on a black Harley motorcycle and he took me on a sunset ride on the freeway (BUCKET LIST - check!)
-beers on the beach watching planes flying like shooting stars
-more snuggles in bamboo sheets and waking up to MORE sunshine
-morning run in the sun to the park
-flying on the swingset (listening to Hunter by Galantis)
-playing piano & getting ready today...going to Tacoma to film a documentary about eco beauty products :)
#ilovemylife Go do something cool!!!!

:) Cha

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