What Do You Finish

I'm not as interested in what you want to start as I am in what you want to finish. Liz Gordon's book 'Big Magic' touches on how we humans suck balls at finishing. We're up to our ears in projects, old and new, and yet our resumes are short. How long is your list of actual accomplishments...projects that got published? You'll find me in the front row of 'Project Starters Annonymous'; in the past 6 months I've started blogs, books, albums, bands, companies, podcasts and jobs. It felt normal and exhilarating until I burned out before the holidays and realized I had very little to show for all the energy I had exherted. Starting a projects is exciting, full of possibilities and fresh. Doing a project is hardwork and sometimes fun. Finishing a project is full of joy, satisfaction and pride. The beginning is the most fun. The end is the most rewarding. The middle is the toughest part to push and survive through. The middle is where most of us give up and go start another project. So no, I'm not impressed by your project ideas because ideas are plentiful, we are all full of them. I'm impressed by your push through the middle and your cross over the finish line. I'm fed up of starting races. I'm ready to focus....and I know the middle is gonna suck, but the finish line is gonna be sweet.

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