What Do You Need in Your Life to Stay Sane?

I'm chomping a the bit to see forward progress with my music but lately because of boy drama everything has been on painful pause (or almost pause - slow motion maybe?). I've had less me-time which means less song writing & less guitar practice. I've been losing my shit - crying everyday, stressing so I can't think straight, going back and forth on my decisions. It's made me realize how having quiet time alone to write songs is essential to my well-being. It's like journaling, meditation and therapy. It's a way to process and express my feelings and when I don't do it they bottle up and I feel like I'm an overlyfull water balloon - bleh. No room for anything new and constant pressure outwards and inwards. So I'm changing my schedule. I've decided to start waking up earlier (5am) and get all my photography work done in the AM so the entire afternoon can be freed up for music - first music on my own and then later music with others. Let's see how it goes ;) We're on Morning #2 and it feels good so far. Davey has changed his schedule to match mine - he left for work 3 hours earlier than usual today so he can get home earlier and we can learn how to use Ableton (some fancy pants music sofware).