What Is Your Soul Trying to Tell You Through Pinterest?


What is this weird Pinterest thing? I spend hours liking photos that look like how I want my life to feel. If I make my life look like Pinterest, will it feel like Pinterest too? Or will I always be striving and longing for something slightly different, slightly better? 

My girl Nikki and I were grabbing Sunday morning coffee and comparing Pinterest boards. What a weird lifestyle. Thank God for girlfriends going through the same shit together. 

Lately I've been pinning bohemian home decor, Badass black leather clothing and exotic lush forests. Somehow these photos are pulling at some heartstrings - something inside me that wants to be expressed. The bohemian decor is the part of me that needs peaceful and beauty environments. The black leather is the part of me that needs to embrace my power and strength. The exotic nature is the part of me that want to feel alive and connected and adventurous. Notice, I'm not pinning white picket fenced gardens, Martha Stewart recipes, sundresses or kids bedroom decor. Your Pinterest boards & recent likes are a little window into your soul and what it's currently daydreaming about. For me, it seems I long for peace, beauty, freedom, excitement, adventure. 




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