What's In Your Beyonce Cup? - How to Become Your Ideal Self

Imagine your ideal life, your ideal version of yourself. What does it look like...all of it. You have to visualize ALL of it because your life is one tapestry - everything woven together to create the masterpiece that is you. Change one thing and it's like pulling a threat that will send tension throughout the entire system. If you want to lose 20 pounds, other things are going to change (not just your body). You are going to become a new person, a person who eats different food, moves their body different, has a different schedule that now includes more activity, new clothing, new sexual partners or sexual behavior, new levels of confidence and attitude which will affect how you perform and what you do for fun. I know all about this because from 2015-2017 I lost 25 something pounds. Everything must change because we humans are all one....our atoms are all connected [breaking the habit link]. 

Okay, so now again....imagine your ideal life, your ideal self. Who do you want to become? My friend Nikki & I call this our "Beyonce Cup". We were at coffee one Sunday morning (a regular routine for us) and we pushed the little empty latte cup into the middle off the table and said, "Everything you hope and dream for yourself. What does that look like? Imagine it could all fit into this cup. What would be in there?" 

My answer.... I can do whatever I want and I know it and I do it. My dream is to perform at the Gorge Ampitheater but it's not the actual stage that matters, it's WHO I WILL BE when that moment arrives. I will be a totally different woman - a woman who has earned that moment through hard work, gaining skills, networking, facing fears, and building confidence. I want to wake up in the morning and feel the power of self-love, self-belief and the peace and thrill of knowing that I can experience whatever I want to in this life. I'm using the dream of performing at the Gorge as my compass to direct my growth so that one day, I will be that woman...the ideal version of myself because I have to become her if I'm going to manifest that dream. What's in your Beyonce cup? // Cha

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