when aliens are watching, represent humanity [essay]

If you want to explore your spirit wilderness you have to follow the signs you feel inside rather than the signs someone else stuck in the ground outside around you.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a teacher. I dreamed of being a ballerina, a marine biologist and a fashion designer. I thought about being a gynecologist and I talked about being a diplomat. I trained to be a spiritual leader. I became a photography business woman. I realized I’m an artist. I’ve always been a writer, a singer, a painter, a dancer, a photographer, a storyteller, a girl who likes to play outside and help other women and build deep spiritual community. It’s taken me thirty years to see this pathway that I’ve walked down. Nothing was linear or planned and yet everything is tied together. Since high school, I’ve had one clear intention. Do what feels most exciting. This approach ensures that I’m excited about whatever I’m doing every step of the way and that the destination will reveal itself naturally based on the stepping stones we trusted.

”Chamonix keeps changing jobs!” said one of my mom’s friends once. Up popped a bunch of self-doubt after hearing that. She was right. How could I build a steady growing career if I kept switching around. My mom was a champion for me and defended that everything I did was connected by common themes and every step built upon the previous one. Thanks mom. However you’re living, that’s how you’re doing it. There are over 7 billion different ways to live a human life. When you realize the freedom in this, you’re going to have so much fun sculpting the lifestyle that makes you feel most alive. We are not role models for each other copy. We are inspiration for each other to keep doing our own thing. I want to see you do your own thing because that gives me permission, confidence, excitement to do my own thing too.

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Imagine a high school friend group, a cliche in which every person is the same. Little clones of each other. It’s boring as fuck looking at them (apart from the gawking factor). Imagine the best friend TV shows of all time like Friends, The Big Bang Theory and New Girl…we freaking love watching friend groups that have extreme diversity. We love identifying with one character in particular and watching how drastically different personalities can be friends and live together. I’m not alone in day-dreaming of living a life like I’ve seen on these TV shows and I’ve gone out of my way to manifest it for myself. I currently live in a house with 5 adults and we’re crushin’ the diversity game and it feels wonderful. This is so attractive to use because we’re hardwired for community. We are tribal creatures who survive and thrive on a living in community with diversity. We need many people around us who specialize in different jobs and bring different energy to the table. I need my husband around for his big muscle protection and solid logical problem solving mind. I need bestie around for her mama-bear cuddle me, wipe my tears away and slap me in the ass to get shit done vibe. I need my gay best friend around for his constant uplifting mindful energy that keeps our house living positively, intentionally improving our spiritual and social connection. I need my brother for his chill don’t worry about it attitude and his mechanical skills for fixing everything. I could go on forever with these friend descriptions because they’re so fun and I recommend you do the same for your friends.

Make sure you’re a part of a diverse community and that you’re making life decisions that are exciting and fueling LIFE and not death. Your life is composed of days. How you spend your days is how you spend your life. Are you feeling excited to wake up in the morning? Do you feel deeply rooted in your spiritual practice? Do you even have one? Do you even know where to start? I can help you if you’re feeling lost here. Just message me. Do you feel alive in your creative projects and are you satisfied with your progress? Do you love what you see when you look in the mirror? Do you love how it feels when you walk into the doors of your home or work? Ask these questions about every detail of your life. Do you feel good when you open the refrigerator? How about your toothbrush? Do you enjoy brushing with it? Would you have more fun brushing your teeth if you had a different color toothbrush? Seriously. Comb through your life and up your game in every department so every moment has the potential to be enjoyed and more alive. Even if you’re sitting in the hospital waiting room waiting for terribly scary life changing results….can you sit up straighter so your body is more comfortable and not cramping? Can you eat your snack more slowly and savor the taste with gratitude? Can you put your earplugs in and listen to your favorite music or podcast instead of putting up with the less-than-awesome radio playing on the office speakers? Up your life, my love. You deserve this, like we all do.

Humans…we don’t get to choose to be born and to be here. We’re just fucking here. Everyday, still here. If you continue to choose to be here with us, let’s make it as fucking great as possible. Make it better for yourself and the light inside you is going to shine brighter for those around you and they’re going to have a better time too. And then when some aliens look down at our planet and see our human race they’ll see these beautiful bright shiny lights of souls having a good time loving and creating each other. We are legitimately a part of this universe and we can represent ourselves well to the rest of the galaxies. Like, seriously, let’s wave our human flag with pride and self respect and love. We have no idea who is watching and if someone’s watching then we have so much potential to shine bright and inspire them and show them how fucking beautiful humans are. When we are at our best, as a tribe we are beautiful and though I don’t support envy, I dare say we’re rather enviable for what we have as happy humans full of love and joy. Okay, enough for today. LOVE Cha