When You Can't Decide Which Project or Subject to Focus On

"Which one are you most excited about? Follow your excitement. Where is there joy? That's what's going to drive you and keep you going. This happens to me all the time with music. I wake up in the morning and I could play piano, guitar, record, researching mixing techniques, write lyrics, record videos for Instagram, schedule performances etc... Deciding which is best or more important is draining and drives me crazy. When I start with whichever one is most exciting or interesting then I feel energized and I usually end up doing other things later. If I force myself to do something I don't feel like doing then I feel drained and I don't get much else done. Plus, once you're moving, you're going to find holes in your knowledge and you'll want to start researching in other areas. These things that were previously not exciting will suddenly be interesting because now they are relevant to something else you care about. So what are you most excited about?"

C for N | July 2018 | Starbucks at Alki Beach