When You Don't Know What to Do, Play MUSIC

Welcome to your day!! It's a glorious sunny morning my friends! How shall we begin? What shall we do first? There are SO MANY POSSIBILITIES: work, workout, play music, eat, dance, sleep in, watch Netflix, quit my job, take a roadtrip... Often I get so stressed out about all my options because I think of them as negative...like I'm not focused enough, scatter brained. But yesterday I realized, HEY! so many options is a GOOD THING. It means my life is blessed with OPPORTUNITIES! But still, we need some sense of direction so I boiled it down to the #1 most important thing in my life...MUSIC. I write "Play Music" on my write everyday (maybe it should be a real tattoo one day). It's a reminder in all those moments when I'm wondering what I should do...just play music. I'll never regret it. Workout or play music. - xx Chamonix