When You Forget What You Want in Life

"You know what you want. You jump up and down with a cheesy grin on your face when you're doing it, when it's happening. You feel chill and happy at the same time. Your imagination is buzzing with fun possibilities. Your clear, solid and assertive. You laugh at the memory of how crazy you were acting a second ago. How did I forget myself? you wonder. You were on your period. It was a full moon. You were scared. It was the first time you've faced this. You've been doing a really good job of giving it your best shot, trying to compromise, trying to make it work, trying to respect someone else. You tried but it made you cry. If you wanted that thing, you wouldn't be sitting here thinking this way. You know what you want and you know what you need to do. You gotta say it out loud and what will be will be; your feelings will get hurt or you'll be jumping for joy but either way you know what you want and you gotta do it now."

*Cha for N | June 2018 | Cafe Cesura in Bellevue @ 1pm (the next day, with more sleep)