When You Wish Music Didn't Destroy Your Social Life

"Are you kidding? I wish I had something the way you have music! I spend all day banging my head against a desk job and wishing I had a big dream that set my soul on fire. Snapchat and Tinder dates give me excitement because I don't have something else to be excited about. You think I would choose Tinder dates over chasing a dream each night? I mean, yah we all need a social life but most of these dates I'm going on are unfulfilling and it feels like I'm wasting of time. I know you have to kiss a lot of frogs and shit but most of the time I wish I knew what my passion was. Instead of texting random people and driving across town for a disappointing date, I could be thinking of cool ideas and creating something awesome like you are. I wish I could do what you're doing. I hear you saying you're lonely and you wish your phone was buzzing more, so maybe you need to go on more dates to be well rounded, but don't for a second trade your obsession for frivolous social interactions. At the end of the week you have so much more to show for yourself and what you've done with your time. It may be lonely spending all this time working alone at home but it's taking you somewhere amazing and all of us our envious. It's all going to be worth it. Plus, think about it. Most of the time when we're all out together, you're squirming wishing you were back home playing music. Or remember that time we went out dancing to Trinity night club and you literally brought your guitar in the car "just in case" haha"

*N for Cha | March 2018 | Bedroom cuddles with the cat, Tinder apps glowing in the background @ 10pm