When You Worry Your Songs are Too Personal

"That is what makes music so powerful! You have to share that stuff. When you sing that stuff, everyone is blown away. Your lyrics are so clear and powerful and you take people to that place and it makes it so real, so in the now. They can't believe you have the courage to actually say that stuff out loud. We feel it but you're saying it. Your lyrics cut so deep. It's uncomfortable. If you don't share that stuff though, you'll just end up being another one of those musicians who held it inside and it will bottle up and you'll never feel satisfied because you never expressed it and your music will be lack-luster. That is the stuff you have to share. Yes, it hurts my feelings to hear you sing that song but I know it's a good song so I just suck up the pain and cheer you on and tell you how good it is...because those are the feelings that you have to share. You have to."

*D for Cha / June 2018 / Walking Around the Neighborhood in Bellevue at 6pm