When You're Afraid Your Songs are Inappropriate

“YOU have to believe. You have to go in there like a bomb. If other people are going to believe in what you are doing, you have to believe it first. Do the thing that is different. Spice it up. They’re going to love it no matter what you sing. No one ever sings to me in yoga and I have gone to a lot of yoga classes. You think you have to fit in and give them what they expect. You think you have to sing relaxing “yoga appropriate” songs like Enya but NOOOOO! You need to show up and sing your songs. They’re going to be grateful that someone is singing at all and your songs are powerful. Give them something new to take in. Blow their minds. But you have to believe in what you’re doing. Stand up for your songs and show that they belong there. Make them believe by showing them that you believe.”

D for Cha | November 2018 | On a midnight joyride, the night before a performance, nervous to share new songs.